New Project!

Hi Everyone!  Welcome Back!

I’m starting a new project today.  Well, I’m practicing a new skill to start a new project hopefully next week.  Tomorrow is our last day of school for the year (huzzah! excelsior!) and I’ll need something to keep my hands busy until the end of July.

So of course, because I’m a sucker for adorable animals, I have chosen to make a stuffed Hippopotamus.  This Happy Hippo pattern from Heidi Bears is gorgeous, but it’s crochet, not knit. Sigh.


I haven’t done crochet since I was a child when my Uncle taught me.  He taught himself how when he wanted to quit smoking as something to keep his hands busy.  When my parents and I were visiting, about every hour or so, Uncle Charlie would get up and say “Time for a yarn break,” and grab his project out of the basket next to the couch.  I think he made everyone in our family an afghan before I graduated from high school.  My mom still uses hers every night to snuggle up while watching Dancing With the Stars.

Unfortunately, he taught me how to chain in a single line until the end of time, but never how to do any of the stitches.  The best I ever made was a jump rope.  And now I want to make a hippo. 🙂

So far I’m breaking the flower pattern down into 3 steps.  I did step 1 (the center of the flower) over and over this evening until I was happy (ish) with the result.  In my glow of optimism, I’m hoping a good night’s sleep will solidify my muscle memory and tomorrow’s attempts will be even better (finger’s crossed…).

Oh! Question:  I am struggling trying to figure out a way to hold the yarn to keep tension.  Any suggestions?  I’m up for any tips or tricks!

Until next time friends!

<3, Olivia 🙂

P.S.  I hope to have photos of the blanket I knitted in the Projects section soon!  My wonderful boyfriend snapped a few photos and I’ll post them ASAP. 😀


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